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business modelling to improve performance

About Us

Business Modelling Tools (BMTools) possesses more than ten years' experience building complex business models and applications.

A wide variety of solutions have been developed, focusing on three main areas.

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

Modelling complex scenarios to improve decision making.

Explore Financial Modelling
Bids and Pricing

Bids & Pricing

Convert financial, technical and commercial requirements into effective contracts and pricing.

Explore Bids & Pricing
Integrated Reporting and Data Analysis

Integrated Reporting & Data Analysis

Combine complex data from multiple systems to deliver insight.

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optimise business processes & decision making


BMTools core services center around applying business modelling, commercial and programming skills to improve processes and decision making.

A typical project includes a number of common features:

  • Modelling complex business processes.
  • Accessing data from multiple sources, integration with existing IT systems.
  • Automating repetitive or complex processes.
  • Customised reports and queries.
  • User-friendly interface, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Development Steps

BMTools focuses on delivering well-structured, user-friendly solutions that fulfil user requirements and are easy to maintain. Use of standard technologies, documentation and design best practice help ensure easy maintenance and upgrades. Projects are broken down into manageable steps, with rapid prototyping to quickly produce results and ensure customer alignment.

Software development cycle


BMTools has expertise in a number of core technologies, including:

  • Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL Server
  • C# (ASP.NET Core, WPF, VSTO Office development), VBA

Flexible, scalable solutions can be developed using a combination of Excel, Access or SQL Server, while VBA/C# allow coding of complex procedures and integration with existing IT systems.

Financial Modelling

enhanced decision making & analysis

Why build a model?

All major business decisions should be analysed to determine their impact on financial performance. This normally involves building a business model. BMTools has developed a wide variety of complex financial models to support cost and cash flow analysis, restructuring, investment appraisal and strategic planning (M&A, scenario analysis etc) in order to reduce costs, improve returns and allocate resources.

Model Development

In addition to the standard features described in the Overview, we ensure that best practice is adhered to when building models in order to improve overall reliability and maintainability, including:

  • Separation of inputs, calculations and outputs.
  • Modular build.
  • In-built error checking.
  • Customised reports and queries.
  • User friendly interface, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Code can also be used to automate complex calculations or improve model usability e.g. menu-driven commands.

Bids & Pricing

joining financial, technical & commercial expertise

The Bid Process

BMTools has a range of skills developed in bidding for both large and small outsourcing contracts. This has included both new Request for Proposals (RFPs) and contract renegotiations.

Financial Modelling

Modelling cost, price, profitability & risk.

Particular expertise in understanding complex technologies and converting them into well-structured operational and financial models.

Commercial Finance

  • Finance lead on client negotiations and contracts.
  • Business partnering legal, sales & technical teams.
  • Identifying efficiencies in existing contracts.


  • Ensuring compliance with internal governance policies.
  • Balancing sales & operational requirements with financial and legal obligations.

Integrated Reporting & Data Analysis

extracting insight from data

The Connected Organisation

As organisations grow they often acquire or develop information systems that do not work together seamlessly.

Centralised data warehouses can solve many of these problems but are not always the solution due to cost, timescales or incompatible requirements.

BMTools can develop flexible short to long term solutions that address your reporting and data analysis needs.

Multiple Systems

Consolidate data from multiple sources.

  • ERP systems (e.g Essbase, Hyperion, Salesforce)
  • Databases (Access, SQL Server, ODBC)
  • Spreadsheets, text files

Data Cleanse & Standardisation

Extract, transfer and load data (ETL) through a process of data standardisation and application of business rules.

Automated Reporting & Analysis

Automate the production of standardised reports to reduce time and cost while enabling new insights.


partnership for success


BMTools has provided solutions for major international companies across a range of sectors, including:

  • IT/Telecoms
  • Utilities
  • Logistics
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services


Examples of clients for whom BMTools has provided solutions include:

Thomson Reuters Logo Thomson Reuters

Working closely with IT and engineering, BMTools rebuilt the model for the global data centres. This model showed the financial and technical requirements (e.g. power, headcount, server numbers & types) resulting from a worldwide program to centralise, automate and virtualise +40,000 servers in new or upgraded data centres. Built using best practice, the main benefits included improved reliability, ease of maintenance and audit.


BMTools developed a detailed profitability analysis tool that automatically imported and processed data from different systems (more than 3 million letters a day). In addition to detailed analysis of customer & product profitability, the tool was used for revenue assurance and cost reconciliations.

Abbott Logo Abbott

BMTools built and deployed internationally the monthly forecasting and consolidation models used for over 70 countries and units. In use for over a year, these models reduced the consolidation time from hours to minutes, and automatically consolidated financial and non-financial data (e.g. commentaries) that were not captured in existing systems. A user-friendly interface enabled easy production of forecasts, automatic download of historical data from Hyperion Essbase, and standardised reporting.

Abbott Logo BT

Working with Morgan Franklin, a US headquartered consultancy, BMTools built a product profitability model for BT Global Services. This was a volume-driven model that forecast the profitability across a complex bundle of products, services and equipment.